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TECHNOLOGY Cutting ways

1. Laser Cutting:

  • High temperature process, thermal effect on base tube, directly affect the service life of the pipe, it is appear the “match head” phenomenon of slot ends easily.
  • It is rough surface of inside the slot.
  • It is inevitable in the process of slotting blast hole after each slot tube had to take the welding flaws.

2. Mechanical Cutting:

  • Cutting edge vertically, trimming smooth, without burr, slotted evenly. Use of its advantages in deviated well and horizontal well is more obvious.
  • Large open area, for liquid flow.
  • Slit width is around 0.35mm.
  • It is not trapezoid slit.

3. Keystone Cutting:

  • The company used fourth generation advanced technology, it is combined with electronic slot and mechanical slot cutting technology which has the characteristics of high efficiency, precise control seam width. The greatest advantage of real implementation rules of trapezoidal slit.
  • Although currently exists many oilfields using straight slotting, its sand control effect is poorer causing block with sand particles.
  • The Advance Technology introduction by our company, make it one of the few which can produce keystone slotted pipe.

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