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TECHNOLOGY Slotted Pipe Advantages

Mechanical sand control is run to the sand filter pipe for sand control, example sand control screen pipe, wire wrap pipe, Slotted pipe, etc.

Mechanical sand control is formation of adaptable, regardless of production formation layer thickness, high permeability, and interlayer can be implemented effectively. Work in the old well, It can have the effect of recovery strata stress, extent service life, make the sand wells can be fully utilized.

Combined with the mechanical sand control high success rate, relatively low cost advantages, are widely used at present.


Straight and Keystone Slotting Advantages

  • Both slots have excellent flow capability
  • Both slots have excellent sand control
  • Straight Slotting is a less expensive process
  • Keystone Slotting offers unique anti clogging characteristics
  • Both avoid the need for conventional gravel packs


Slotted Pipe Graphics Performance

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